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the amount of detailed information that we have on who financed slave voyages, where they went, who they captured, which African leaders cooperated with which traders, how many trips they made, who captained and manned the ships, which companies insured the human cargo, how many Africans were expected to die during the voyage, what diseases they usually succumbed to while on-board, the ratio of human cargo to dry goods that would net the ship the highest profit margin, which countries dominated the trade during which decades, which countries ran illegal slave trading ships after the trade was supposed to be outlawed… NONE OF THAT IS A MYSTERY!

If you think that THE CASE FOR REPARATIONS for American Black people on slavery alone - not to mention all they endured AFTER - is absurd… think again! 

If your immediate thought is ”Who is going to pay whom?" or "Why am I responsible for what happened way back then?" or even "Why do those of us whose families came to America after 1865 even have to pay attention to this topic?”… then you need to educate yourself. Badly. 

Those aren’t necessarily dumb questions to ask… they’re simply THE WRONG QUESTIONS and really have nothing to do with what reparations is about. Not on the individual level, anyway. Do yourself a favor and if for no other reason than to be able to argue against reparations INTELLIGENTLY… READ THIS:


…because sounding dumb in the midst of the information age is not cool. especially on such a serious topic.

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